Eclipse GTek


The starting point for understanding the Gtekís unique feel and shot signature is the low operating pressure of its Gamma Core drivetrain at only 135psi. Itís one of the primary reasons that the marker feels so smooth and has such a quiet sound signature.

Then there is the three-stage bolt acceleration. Each stage tuned to give the perfect balance of exceptional paint handling, efficiency, feel and reliability.
The acceleration profile of the Gtek bolt is very accurately controlled. The initial push-off phase is tuned to give exceptional paint handling ability by very gently picking up the ball to get it moving in the direction of the breech. It maintains this controlled phase as the bolt passes the second ball in the stack to help eliminate clipping that ball. At this point the bolt hits the second phase where the acceleration profile is ramped up in order to give good valve resolution to help efficiency, create a low sound signature and to help maintain high rates of fire. The final stage is as the bolt seals in the breech and the main valve opens to release air behind the ball. This ensures the valve opens cleanly for maximum flow and again, efficiency.
Of course the rest of the Gtek is just as impressive as the new Gamma Core.
The same rugged glass reinforced composites that have been used on the Etek for many years can be found on the Gtek. Gripframe, breech sensor covers, feedtube and OOPS knob are manufactured from this incredibly durable and resilient material. All other components are the same 6061-T6 aluminium that you will find on all other Eclipse markers.
The frame is wrapped in dual-density rubber grips and protect the same circuit board as the Etek5 and like its sibling, the Gtek can be quickly and easily upgraded to full OLED capability without the need to replace the circuit board. Just plug and play.
The SL4 regulator at the front is the same regulator that youíll find on the Geo3.5 and LV1.1 Pro. Again, a proven regulator design that has been optimised to work with everything from SLP to HP output tanks with zero effect on performance. Itís wrapped in a super-comfy dual-density unibody foregrip sleeve which is perfectly spaced from the frame to give an incredibly stable shooting platform.
And of course there is a new Gtek Shaft4/5 compatible 14.5Ē barrel tip with extra porting for a reduced sound signature and improved consistency and efficiency. And all packaged in the customary Eclipse zippered hard tin with spares bundle, tool kit, grease, barrel sock and instruction manual.
Designed to strike the perfect balance of on-field performance, comfort, reliability and outstanding value, the Gtek is the marker some people have been waiting a very long time for. And now itís here. The Eclipse Gtek.

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